Based in the greater Los Angeles area, Dan SEO Services provides clients with cutting edge AI strategies that break through previous plateaus in their current rankings in all different business verticals and industries.

We are lean, no-nonsense, operation always looking out for your best interests, even if it doesn’t serve our own. If we can’t help you or feel it’s worth the investment, we’ll tell you and not try to ‘position’ it any other way.

Partnering Mindset With Our Clients

You’ll have direct access to the respective Subject Matter Expert (SME) across all disciplines whether it is in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Paid Media, Content Marketing, Strategy, CRO, or Data Analytics.

We are not just your outsourced marketing firm but look at us rather as a direct partner in the next room over.

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Hi-end, great customer service, quality work. Helpful in making strategic suggestions for our marketing program…

They have a thorough end to end approach. They have great customer service, attention to detail, and excellent process management.

USE them! They go above and beyond!

– Corina,
H2B Creative

Our Story

Dan SEO Services was founded in 2001, rising from the ashes of the dot-com bust.

Seeing that Internet marketing via search engines would change the world and drive the new tech revolution, Dan SEO Services was born at a time when Google was behind MSN and Yahoo in search engine market share.

Though much has evolved over the years, the client first philosophy and data-driven decisions have remained the same and have served us well. As experienced by many clients, partner with us to understand.

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